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Conversational IVR

Improve your customer experience and at the same time reduce your cost to serve. AI-powered voice assistants can support your customers as well as the agents in your contact centre. By performing intakes, routing incoming calls and actually handling and administrating calls. And an easy to use whispering function that helps your agents in their daily work.

How does it work?

Customer Identification

Customer identification is the process of verifying the identity of the person calling your contact centre. By checking the authorisation via Conversational AI, the assistant can prepare the call for the human agent. Or authorize the customer for self-service. This will save a huge amount of time without sacrifising customer satisfaction. Ally can verify a caller’s identity through your CRM system using their phone number and personal details such as date of birth or postal code. Once the identity and intent of the caller are clear, the assistant can proceed to either fulfil or route the call.

Call Routing

Based on the customer’s input, Ally connects the customer to the right department and even best agent for their unique question. This can be based on variables such as waiting times, a preference to talk to the same person they previously spoke to, or specific subject matter knowledge of the agent. No matter who the call is routed to, Ally is the ideal colleague and will always hand over the call with all information ready to go.

Call Handling

Call Handling offers clients the ability to self-service, giving them the opportunity to solve problems on-demand; also outside office hours. By starting the conversation with the open question ‘How can I help you?’, clients can converse with Ally in a natural way. Call Handling thus reduces call volume and allows agents in contact centres to stop spending time on simple, repetitive questions. They can focus on more complex issues.


The conversation registration feature summarizes a transcript of an ongoing discussion using an AI natural language model and in co-creation with the agent registers all information in your CRM system. Hereby, Ally determines the issue description and the resolution. Real-time summarisation solves the issue where a customer needs to repeat their query and other information when transferred from a voice assistant to an agent.

Agent Assist

When Ally is ‘listening in’ on the call and summarising in real time, it can also suggest possible answers to the agent; even linking back to relevant parts of an instruction manual or knowledge base in your backend. Customers and human agents both benefit from this ‘whisper’ feature. For new employees, this reduces the need to learn lengthy company handbooks by heart – or frantically searching for the correct information while on the call. The consumer receives prompt, precise responses to their queries.