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Intelligent Document Processing

Business processes have been automated for 50 years, using traditional IT technology. But this has reached a limit: organizations still need employees to handle questions, complex cases, exceptions, check compliance and handle documents. So, the efficiency, quality and capacity of business processes still depends on two key assets: employees and knowledge. Traditional IT technology can no longer provide solutions. That’s where AI comes in.

We have developed AI solutions that capture and scale the knowledge of your organization. Technology that can be implemented in your business processes through various solutions. For example by automating complex document-based workflows, involving unstructured data. Or supporting complex cases by providing relevant information and even giving handling suggestions to employees. Ways to decrease handling time and improve quality while lowering operational risks. The possibilities of AI are endless. Choose a standard solution or let us build your own customized solution.

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Legal Contract Checker

Reviewing contracts is knowledge-intensive, requiring interpretation of legal jargon. It is also tedious. Our AI platform Ally recognizes data fields and reviews relevant information in contracts at lightspeed, relieving employees of this workload so they can spend more time creating value.

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Real-time Information Recap

Whether it’s emails, calls or any other channel; information is always coming in. Recaps cut through all unnecessary context and noise, serving you exactly the data points you need. This takes a load off of customer service employees and when combined with real-time transcription, dramatically reduces handling time in call centres.

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ESG – Scan

Virtual assistants can help employees remain updated about news within the company and assist with various aspects of employee’s daily work. This offers a tremendous opportunity for increasing employee satisfaction and productivity while saving costs and improving quality.

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Compliance Reviewer

Step into the world of Google Assistant and introduce your first AI-powered voice assistant. We offer an off-the-shelf solution with Voicedomain. Or your own customized solution for sales or service.

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