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Conversational AI

Users can communicate with a chatbot or voice assistant in different languages, using either voice, typing or a combination of both. Choosing the right conversational platform is essential to create positive customer experiences. Chatbots and voice assistants have to overcome the trough of disillusion. Too often users are not properly understood or can only answer a question without supporting follow-up transactions.

We believe human-computer interaction can be more personal, intelligent and satisfactory. This takes a next step in maturity, one that’s more intelligent and human-like. With our team of experts in AI and neuro linguistics we introduced a unique and scientific approach, based on the way the human brain works. This leads to a more intelligent, dynamic and scalable solution. The result? Higher customer satisfaction, an improved customer journey and efficient and intelligent processing.

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Reduce over 20% of your costs for customer service while main- taining or even creating more satisfied customers. Or increase your conversion rates for sales, using personalized human-like assistants. Support sales & service.

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Smart Call Assistance

Reduce your cost to serve and at the same time improve customer experience. AI-powered voice assistants that support the agents in your call centre. By performing intakes, routing incoming calls and actually handling calls. And an easy-to-use whispering function to help our agents in their daily work.

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Employee Assistants

Virtual assistants can help employees remain updated about news within the company and assist with various aspects of the employee’s daily work. This offers a tremendous opportunity for increasing employee satisfaction and productivity while saving costs and improving quality.

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Voice Assistant – Google Assistant

Step into the world of Google Assistant and introduce your first AI-powered voice assistant. We offer an off-the-shelf solution with Voicedomain. Or your own customized solution for sales or service.

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