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You wish to increase efficiency, improve customer experience or assist your employees in their daily work. Whatever the AI objective, digital platforms allow faster innovation, higher quality, increased reliability and cost reduction. With this in mind, we created the modular AI Y.platform. Using open standards and an open-source-first strategy, we build modules for all necessary AI-platform functions. Key elements: machine learning, natural language processing, image recognition, speech and knowledge graphs.

AI solutions with platform Y.Ally

Ally provides access to state-of-the-art AI technology - with standard solutions and advanced enterprise solutions for conversational AI and Intelligent Document Processing. Does your organization require a custom AI solution? After all, our experts will help you with a solid application that can be configured, built and trained quickly.

Conversational AI

We want to make human-computer interaction with chatbots and voice assistants a great experience. To solve existing issues in language processing, scalability and intent modeling we developed a next-level conversational AI solution. One that’s based on a deep understanding of human interaction.

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Intelligent Document Processing

We help you to capture lasting AI value at scale. This takes deeply internalizing the long-term competitive benefits of augmenting human decision making and data processing from many sources. At a massive scale and at lightening-fast speed. It will help you to increase efficiency, quality and employee satisfaction. And substantially reduce costs.

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