Professional Services

Adding AI to your strategy means preparing your organization to adopt different ways of working and learn new skills. Our experts can help you. We have built an international team of experienced, motivated, highly-skilled experts (PhD, MSc, BSc). Their expertise is at your service during all phases of your digital transformation. For advice, inspiration, specific AI skills, building AI solutions or executing complete projects: just give us a call.

What we deliver

Our services

    • AI Inspiration sessions
    • Strategy development
    • AI Design labs
    • Design sprints
    • Conversation design
    • User testing
    • Development sprints
    • Run & grow services

Who we deliver

Our experts

    • Strategy consultants
    • Business transformation experts
    • Conversation designers
    • Product owners / scrum masters
    • UX designers
    • UX developers
    • Machine learning engineers
    • Data scientists
    • DevOps engineers

Our expertise

Need help with one of these topics, just give us a call!

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