Councillor Van Dijk opens new office in Zeist

On Thursday 3 November, opened the doors of its new office in Zeist. The festive opening ceremony was performed by counsillor Walter van Dijk and Managing Director Ian FitzPatrick. A great milestone for the fast-growing company that specialises in artificial intelligence for automated language processing. “We think it is important to have a ‘clubhouse’ where our employees, customers and partners feel welcome,” said Managing Director Ian FitzPatrick.

Solutions to increasing labour market tightness

From its new headquarters, is working on innovative technology solutions. FitzPatrick explains that with the labour market tightening, many organisations need technological support while maintaining the human touch. “Simple and repetitive work can be done by intelligent technology so that scarce human capacity can be deployed where it is really needed.”

Intelligently scaling up human knowledge

Employees working at the new location specialise in high-level language understanding when computers and humans interact. In doing so, they help organisations process and analyse natural language with the help of artificial intelligence. And thus scale the knowledge present within organisations. integrates this cognitive technology, for example as voice assistants in contact centres or as chatbots on websites. The organisation also helps with intelligent document processing, so that employees can work efficiently and customers are helped faster and more accurately.

Central location on De Breul country estate

The new office is located on the beautiful De Breul Estate and offers all facilities to further shape digital transformation together with customers. Moreover, the location is easily accessible due to its central location, close to the motorways and Driebergen-Zeist Station. has very consciously considered the sustainability of the new office. “We have focused on the reuse of materials, sufficient space for charging electric cars and lots of greenery in the office,” says FitzPatrick. “This way, we are ready for the further growth of our organisation.”

Warm welcome by the Municipality of Zeist

Employees, customers, relations and neighbours came to take a look during the festive opening. Guests were given a tour of the office, where they could attend various demos of concrete solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. After a nice speech, councillor Van Dijk officially opened the premises by cutting the ribbon together with FitzPatrick. “We are very happy that has chosen entrepreneurial Zeist as its place of business,” Van Dijk said.

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