Putting the Y. into AI

We believe great products and services can only thrive if you understand what drives users and meets their expectations. Our focus is to deliver AI solutions that create long-lasting business value. Unlocking the potential of knowledge and using our fundamental AI knowledge and experience, we focus on added value to empower humans. Our reason whY.

About us

Y.digital is an experienced and specialized A.I. company founded by accomplished professionals. Our focus and ambition is to design, build, and deliver intelligent solutions that empower humans. We use our own unique approach and cutting-edge AI platform Ally to create conversational AI solutions that help customers to engage with companies in a more pleasant and intelligent way, as well as Intelligent Document Processing solutions to support organisations in making knowledge-intensive processes more consistent, scalable, and efficient.


We merge imagination, creativity, strategy and technology. To be successful in reaching ambitious goals, we work very closely with our customers and partners. We do this to remain the specialist firm we are, while including specific domain knowledge if required. To this end, we focus on a few critical things that are central to our success and are in our DNA:

Human Centered




Our team

We have built a team of experienced, highly motivated, skilled experts in various disciplines: strategy, business transformation, AI technology. We translate a fundamental scientific knowledge of AI concepts into day-to-day AI solutions. All have a shared passion: helping organizations to deliver concrete business value, with AI solutions that empower humans. The team is made up of 7 nationalities, with mixed cultural backgrounds and is based in the Netherlands (headquarters) and Vietnam.

“At Y.digital, we start by hearing your business challenges and then customize/create our solutions based on your needs/wishes. I find the entire journey of end-to-end business implementation extremely exciting and rewarding!”

Alexandra Redmann

Data Scientist

“What I love about A.I. is that there is no such thing as done. Endless innovations are always ahead of us, as we strive to build solutions that can, time and again, surpass limits we thought we would never reach. I chose working @Y because I believe they truly challenge themselves to come up with new ideas to solve problems that have never been solved before.”

Sep Keuchenius

Data scientist

“I joined Y.digital as one of the first employees, and am very enthusiastic about the ideas this company was built on. I love the informal work environment in which you can be sure the best ideas will respected, and everyone is within reach for a face-to-face contact.”

Przemek Lenkiewicz

Chief Operations Officer

Developments in the field of AI are moving at an incredible speed. So, we established our own Y.academy to keep our team and customers up to date with new AI concepts, technologies and innovations. The Y.academy is also used to train our new talents on AI and business skills; during the first two years of their career they will mix theory with practice, under supervision of our senior team members. Furthermore, the Y. academy is open to our customers, as we want to transfer knowledge on their AI-solution. We provide Inspirations sessions as well as Masterclasses at CXO level.

We are hiring: got the Y. factor?

A strong team spirit, common goals and a great enthusiasm for technology: this is what Y.digital stands for. Talent drives our capacity to deliver the best solutions and services for our customers. Join us on this exciting journey and our team of people, we are always open to meet!