Stop doubting

Start maximizing

Together with you, we work on high impact AI solutions, using our proven Y. approach. Giving guidance to drive value that contributes directly to your mission, vision and strategy - your why. We are open, transparent and realistic.

We work in a high-paced agile manner with our expert teams, maximizing output while keeping in touch with stakeholders and context.


During the first meeting we get to know each other and like to hear from you what challenge you are facing. We see this as a key to success for a long-term relationship, based on mutual trust. Together we will explore our AI solutions, discuss showcase references and define AI opportunities that add value to your business.

We start with why. Our digital transformation experts will acquire a deep understanding of your ambition, business, customers, and way of working. They will assist you in adding the potential of AI to your medium-term and longer-term strategy and develop a strategic roadmap with ambitious, high-potential AI initiatives.

At this stage we convert high potential AI initiatives into solid business cases and concrete projects. We invite you to our lab, where we generate ideas and develop prototypes together. The most valuable ideas are elaborated, tested with the target audience and further optimized. Ready to be built.

Our experts then build, configure and test the AI solution, using the modules of our own platform. Core technologies we use are machine learning, natural language processing and knowledge graphs. Your AI solution is developed in the agreed number of sprints. Progress is shared with you during bi-weekly demos.

We will implement the AI solution in your business processes and provide training and assistance to your employees. As our AI solutions are container-based, they can be implemented in your own on-premise data-centre or cloud environment, or we can host the solution in our own data-centre. We will provide knowledge transfer to your AI team, using the Y. Academy and training on the job.

Based on user experiences and idea generation from you and us, we work on new features based on a prioritized backlog. To achieve an even better result. The AI-solution will be evolving and needs supervising learning mechanisms. We prioritize the backlog together with you and thus ensure continuous business value and growth.