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Many organisations are under pressure to become more digital, but why? Digital transformation is surely not the objective, it is a means to an end. The reason why we invest in technology is the empowerment of humans. Empowerment means leaving the tedious and repetitive work to your trusted digital colleague. Empowerment means truly scalable self-service for your customers without compromising on the human touch. Empowerment means no barriers, black-boxes, or lock-in but open and auditable solutions.

Beyond the buzzwords A.I., Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Knowledge Graphs provide the foundations for Empowerment, but the true power comes not from technology but by using the Human as the Blueprint.

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Efficiency driven

The efficiency of your business processes depends on three key assets of your organization: employees, knowledge and systems. We capture human intelligence in our solutions for Intelligent Document Processing. Applying this in your business will significantly increase efficiency and quality. Key results: scalability, improved accuracy, increased productivity and a significant cost reduction.

Customer driven

Do you want to create great customer experiences? We design and build AI-powered solutions that play an important role throughout the customer journey. With our advanced conversational AI technology we deliver outstanding chatbots and voice assistants. Key results: more intelligent conversations, high first time right resolution and increased customer satisfaction.

Employee driven

A highly motivated and engaged workforce drives your business growth. Our digital AI assistants support your employees, by providing relevant information and knowledge, suggesting decisions, processing documents or automating repetitive work. Key results: more satisfied employees, higher quality, less workload, less repetitive work and increased flexibility.

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“A common frustration with virtual assistants is that they do not understand enough or lead you through dialogues that are irrelevant. Now new technology is available to not only be scalable but also customer friendly. ”

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